Rebecca Tweneboah Darko: What do men want?


I met him the second time, and this time in my apartment. After helping him park his black SUV, we both headed back to the second floor where I live. I asked him to feel comfortable on my messy couch while I get him water from the kitchen. I returned with the water, I wasn’t expecting him to show up so I asked him what was up. You won’t believe it; he slid his cold hands under my crop top touching my left breast. Now I was left with the choice to call the police to report harassment or follow what my body was telling me. I chose the latter.

With a shaky voice, I asked him what he was trying to do, this time he got both hands moving across my warm skin and pulled me closer before I could say another word! I dropped the water bottle and held him for balance; I was shivering, his touch was like an instant shock, I held on to him while he played with my titties and kissed me all over my body. I couldn’t stop him, I dare not stop him. I kissed him back, my breathing became heavy and I wanted all of him at once. We did it, Becky, and it’s the best so far!

Me on the other side of the phone, “Really, you called me at this time of the night to tell me about your incredible coupling so I do what exactly with it?”

She said to relax and not be so uptight!

I told her to talk, afterall, that was the reason why she called anyways. So I will just listen. The first thing she asked was “Becky what do men want?”

“Girl, I’m not Taraji P Henson and definitely not Steve Harvey, the only reason I picked up your call is that I have been struggling to sleep. So go straight to the point, you live in the US, and its 2 am here in Ghana.”

“Oops my bad, I always forget the time zones let’s talk when you have time.”

When she dropped the call, I asked myself what is wrong with this girl. I know she’s crazy and all but calling to give me a graphic detail of her lovemaking to a stranger and above all asking me what men want wasn’t part of the bargain!

I went back to thinking of myself to sleep. Know very well that Tanya will come back with her dramatic life experiences anticipating that I have all the answers. My friends someway somehow believe so much in me, they think I’ve got it all together so they throw everything at me. Guess what; somehow I always give them close to the perfect solutions! This wasn’t going to be an exception!

Rebecca Tweneboah Darko: What do men want?

The following day at work after my segment on the Midday news on JoyNews, I dashed out to postproduction to check on Sammy, the video editor, working on the award-winning show E vibes. While there, I tried to sample some opinions from my colleagues about what they think men really want from women.

The first guy I met said “all men want is sex and companionship.”            

Sammy told me “But it’s nothing much, just peace of mind, support for my work, and food! Not just food ooo, but other food, that’s all”

Another person said “well just peace and stability we don’t want to be tamed. But wait, why are you asking? In what context really, because men want different things, what I want wouldn’t necessarily be what Ernest wants it varies.”

 He added “For instance, some men can fall in love with two people his wife, and his lover. That’s because they serve different purposes “

I came in with a judgmental look and asked “really?”

He came to his defense and said to me, “Becky do you want answers or not?”

I said go ahead. “Men are just different species,” he continued, “you won’t understand but it is what it is. Look at the issue of one bank manager being sued for promising another woman, not his wife things! What do you think that man wants? From all indications, this man had it all, a beautiful intelligent wife, but look at what was happening, what was he looking for, vagina, peace of mind, stability, fun, or variety? So as for your question about what we want as a man I can’t tell, we want it all.”

This exercise I presume is going to be a long one. Not sure it’s going to end anytime soon because every opinion counts!

When I stepped out, I asked randomly, this time I was very specific, you have a wife and a girlfriend, the girlfriend gives you sex and you give her money. That’s pretty much what goes on between you two. The lady decides I don’t want to continue the relationship any longer because I’ve found someone that will marry her; you tell the lady she’s not being fair to you.

In another scenario the lady dares not ask for money, it has to always end up in a relationship before anything. When we both know exactly what each party wants. What do men want? Please share, just in case Tanya calls back, I can attempt to answer her questions and also find out how it’s going with the new young man.

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