Social media reacts to TEMS grand outfit that kept blocking people at the Oscars


Social media reacts to TEMS grand outfit that kept blocking people at the Oscars
TEMS wore an elaborate gown that kept obstructing the view at the Oscars

Nigerian singer and songwriter, TEMS is facing backlash for her elaborate outfit that caused a stir at the 95th Oscars in Hollywood.

TEMS who was nominated for Best Original Song along with Rihanna for her writing credit for “Lift Me Up” from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever wore a structured white gown from Ukranian designer, Lever Couture.

The gown which received raving reviews from critics on the red carpet did not sit with netizens who spotted the star blocking the view of several guests at the ceremony.

“Imagine waiting your whole life to be at the Oscars and you end up sitting behind a stratus cloud,” one user tweeted.

A user posted a video from the ceremony and captioned “I’m cryinnnnnnn tems got that lady fighting for her life”

Another reacted “It should have been removable for the show.. looked beautiful on the red carpet tho.”

“Omg that woman is ridiculous!! Did you not think about where you were going???,” another tweeted angrily


Others also jumped to her defense, calling the moment unplanned and unitentional.

“Tems didn’t wake up thinking ‘yeah, let me go obstruct their view’ Girl was most likely excited to be at her first Oscars, picked out a perfect outfit and gave nothing else a second thought. She does not deserve this scrutiny, both home and abroad,” a user posted.

Marketing icon, Bozoma Saint John a.k.a badassboz on Instagram also defended the look.

For those who are saying “what about those behind her?” Ummmm. We don’t care. Lol. TEMS ATE!!!!,” she said

TEMS despite her controversial gown failed to clinch the award for the Best Song losing out to “Naatu Naatu” from the Telugu-language film “RRR” which made history as the first Indian film song to win an Oscar.


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