Students Loan Trust Fund set to publish names of 20,000 defaulters


Administrators of the Students Loan Trust Fund (STLF) have commenced the initial publication of details concerning thirty defaulters out of approximately 20,000 borrowers who obtained various amounts of money for their tertiary education.

According to the Fund, all available avenues for repayment have been exhausted, leading them to resort to publishing the names of defaulters due to mounting pressure for financial assistance.

George Ferguson Laing, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) for the Students Loan Trust Fund (STLF), explained to Citi News that they will initiate legal actions against the defaulters.

“Anyone included in that list indicates that we have made multiple direct contacts with them, reached out to their guarantors, and sometimes even approached their employers. It implies that we have undertaken all these measures, but they have failed to respond. These are the individuals categorized in that list—those whom we have diligently tried to engage, yet they have refused to cooperate.”


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