Successful women entrepreneurs share experiences of how they balance work and family life


“It wasn’t easy juggling work and family at the same time, especially after having my last three children within two-and-a-half years, but I was able to surmount the challenges with the help of my mother”, explains Marie Noelle Yakubu, Founder and CEO of Marienoellespa and Salon.

She’s one out of three successful women entrepreneurs who were on Home Affairs to share their stories of how they balance work and family life with host Edem Knight-Tay on Saturday.

According to Marie, she had a lot of challenges when she opened her beauty spa in 1998 at Akai house in Osu because the business was new and she had to take care of her family as well.

“Thankfully, because it was my passion and I had gone through education and had done some volunteering at a beauty salon in my neighbourhood abroad at the time, I had acquired some skills that helped me”, Marie said cheerfully.

Sharing tips on how she managed her work, her husband and four children, she said “I just had to do what I had to do. I made sure I was focused and used my time wisely. I didn’t have time for friends at the time, I wouldn’t go anywhere and sometimes it gets depressing especially when you are dealing with a sick child. Sometimes you wake up and your kids are not feeling well. It’s challenging.”

Founder and CEO of Marienoellespa and Salon revealed that she felt overwhelmed at a point but she was driven by the fact that her clients were content with the work she did for them.

“And with my work, the beauty spa, I had to take care of my clients who also came with their own problems. I felt overwhelmed at a point but I didn’t have a choice. I got a lot of drive from the fact that my clients were happy with the work I did for them and that propelled me to work harder”, Marie added.

Baaba Ankrah, Founder of GOBA Kente was also on the show and she shared her own experience of how she juggles work and family life.

According to her, she went into business in 2012 because of unemployment but things did not turn up well so she folded up the business.

Along the line, she got married and started a family and then banking came along somewhat and she decided to start another side hustle because of her passion. After four years, she took a bold decision and quit banking so she could focus on her business, go to school and have time for her family.

“It was a huge risk to stop my safe secured banking job to do business but now, GOBA Kente is five years!, Baaba burst out happily.

Sharing tips on how she balances work and family, Baaba explained that she imbibed some skills on compartmentalization and characterization and she applies them to her daily life.

“Moreover, I have learnt how to ask for help. If something needs to be done, I will make the arrangements with my mum or nanny and let my husband and children understand that I need to be away to work and when I finish, I’ll be home,” Founder of GOBA Kente stated.

Founder of Niche and CEO of Adeko Minds, Dedo Kofi who was also on the program shared some nuggets of what young people could do to make themselves better and ready for the job market saying “I really wish that young people will take time to reflect and see how they can stand out.”

According to Dedo, “It’s sad that people are not keen on investing in themselves. Investing time, thinking into who they want to be. I tell people, if you want work, go out there and volunteer, if they see potential in you, nobody will ask you to leave because in a market that is saturated and choked, you need to prove yourself”, she added.

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