Supporters in hometown of NPP candidate take to Kumawu streets in jubilation


Supporters of the New Patriotic Party (NPPP) Candidate in  the just-ended Kumwau by-election have taken over the streets of Bodomase, where Ernest Yaw Anim hails from.

They are in a state of euphoria.

The Electoral Commission, Ghana (EC) is yet to declare results of Tuesday’s by-elections but Bodomase seems to have been turned upside down with the supporters’ jubilation.

At the Kumawu main station, NPP supporters could be seen also in jubilant mood.

The Commission is currently collating results of the polls but it appears the seat has been retained by the NPP.

A by-election was declared in the Kumawu Constituency following the sudden demise Philip Basoah, who has been Member of Parliament since 2012.


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