Sweety Aborchie making strides as a top TV Personality


Sweety Aborchie
Sweety Aborchie

Standing out in the overpopulated Ghanaian media space is not a walk in the park, but Sweety Aborchie is gradually climbing up the list of top female presenters in the country.

The rising star in the Ghanaian media space is already making a name for herself as a leading woman who inspires other young women to live intentionally.

Her passion for empowering women led her to found Girl, Get Up Africa, a project that seeks to reorient young women on the importance of mindset and willpower.

Through this project, Sweety Aborchie and her team have been an inspiring change in women through their annual seminars and other engagements on social media, even before making the big career move to get in front of the cameras after being behind them for three years.

In addition to her work with GGU Africa, Sweety Aborchie is also the host of Financial Tidbits on DGN TV (Daily Guide Network) and a news anchor on the channel.

Her versatility in the media industry is impressive, considering that she only ventured into the space seven months ago after spending three years with Farmhouse Productions as an account manager and producer.

However, she is not completely new to the business, as she spent some two years with GTV Sports Plus as a news anchor during her time at the University of Education, Winneba, where she earned her first degree in English Language Education.

Sweety Aborchie also has an academic background in development communication, and she holds a Master’s Degree from the Ghana Institute of Journalism. Her academic background combined with her experience in media production and community development, make her a well-rounded professional, equipped to make a positive impact in her community.

She is currently a nominee for the Ghana Youth Leaders Awards in the category of community development, thanks to the work she has done so far with GGU Africa. Her dedication to empowering women is evident in her work, and she continues to inspire other women to be intentional about their lives.

Sweety Aborchie’s story is an inspiration to many young women in Ghana and beyond. She has shown that with determination and hard work, one can achieve their dreams and make a positive impact in their community.

She continues to be a beacon of hope for young women, encouraging them to be intentional about their lives and make a positive impact in their communities.

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