TECNO CAMON 20 DOODLE Headlines Ghana Menswear Week 2023


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On the evening of August 27, 2023, the World Trade Centre in Accra, Ghana was abuzz with excitement, and a burst of glamour. In a monumental collision of style and innovation, TECNO CAMON 20 Doodle Edition took the spotlight as the headline sponsor of the prestigious TECNO Ghana Menswear Week 2023, an iconic fashion event, known for its representation of diverse African designers and their distinct creations.This synergy between fashion and technology not only marked a celebration of Africa’s best menswear designers but also showcased how TECNO has masterfully bridged the gap by blending the realms of creativity, digital prowess, and cutting-edge technology.

Ghana Menswear Week has consistently stood as a platform for African designers to showcase their ingenuity and creativity. The convergence of fashion and technology brought a fresh dimension to the runway with designers from Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Benin, South Africa, UK and other African countries coming together to display their unique designs, creating a tapestry of cultures, colors, and stories that celebrate the rich diversity of Africa.

TECNO’s CAMON 20 Doodle Edition stands as a work of art in itself, boasting a one-of-a-kind rear panel adorned with playful doodles that embody creativity, self-expression and as a canvas to demonstrate that technology can be an instrument of artistic inspiration Just as designers use fabrics as their canvas to create a masterpiece. TECNO’s CAMON 20 Doodle Edition truly transcends the conventional notion of a communication device by embracing the aesthetic world of fashion and design.

TECNO Ghana MensWear Week 2023’s allure was heightened by the presence of influential personalities from the worlds of entertainment, fashion, and business who graced the occasion, dressed in creations that reflected the event’s theme of fashion and innovation.

As a brand, TECNO’s pioneering spirit in bridging the gap between fashion and technology sets a remarkable precedent, showcasing the brand’s versatility, innovation, and commitment to delivering unique experiences.


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