The 5 Stages of Grief: Ali’s pool party drama on #PerfectMatchXtra in meme-worthy moments


In the latest episode of #PerfectMatchXtra, Ali’s pool party escapades ignited a whirlwind of emotions and meme-worthy moments.

Let’s dive into the five stages of grief that unfolded during this dramatic event.

Denial: The Cross Pollination Ali did may have cost him his relationship. No Way!

Ali’s wild pool party antics took an unexpected turn when he was caught dancing and grinding with Grace. The shockwaves of this cross-pollination didn’t go down well with Ruth, leaving everyone wondering what drama awaits.

Anger: Ali’s Trouble Spells Trouble for His Love Life

It’s clear that Ali’s actions have landed him in hot water. Ruth’s icy demeanour and blatant rejection of his advances later that night speak volumes. Being drunk is no excuse for his behaviour, and Ruth is rightfully hurt. Ali, you better shape up!

Bargaining: Kofi Etornam’s Payback Time with Ruth

Looks like Kofi Etornam is seizing the opportunity for some payback. With Ruth hurt and Ali in the doghouse, Kofi might just be making his move. Will Ali regret his questionable choices?

Depression: Ali Cries While Dead Peepol’s “Otan Hunu” Plays

When apologies fall on deaf ears, despair takes over. Ali couldn’t believe his lover was having a blast without him, and the floodgates opened. Who knew Ali had a softer side? Props to DJ Faculty for playing that tearjerker.

Acceptance: Separate Beds for Ruth and Ali

In a surprising turn of events, Ruth and Ali find themselves sleeping on separate beds for the first time since the show began. It’s a bittersweet farewell, as we wish them well in their individual journeys. Can they find a way to mend their broken hearts?

Bonus: Ali’s Emotional Rollercoaster – Drunk and Going Through It Amidst the chaos and drama, let’s not forget that Ali is going through a lot at the moment.

From wild partying to relationship turmoil, it’s clear that emotions are running high. Hang in there, Ali!


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