The Battle is the Lord’s but not in Ashaiman; it’s in Ukraine – Ex-NDC MP jabs NPP with Bible text


Alfred Kwame Agbesi is a former MP for Ashaiman Constituency

Former National Democratic Congress (NDC) Member of Parliament for Ashaiman Constituency Alfred Kwame Agbesi says government wants to turn Ashaiman into a battleground especially as it came to power with the mantra ‘The Battle is the Lord’s’.

He said anybody who wants to wage war or engaged in battle should rather go to Ukraine and not come to Ashaiman, quoting the Bible to back his claim, especially to challenge the Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta.

“If you come here to wage war on us with soldiers, armoured cars, helicopters, all that we will say is that the battle is for the Lord and I will give him Psalm 144: ‘We are protected, we are guided [and] we are going to be under the armpit of the Lord.

“Because he likes quoting the bible, because Ofori-Atta likes quoting the Bile I am also quoting the Bible to them that we are protected. This is not Ukraine. They should not dare because the Lord is our protector.”

Watch him below addressing the press below:


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