The Dilemma of Kpeve Residents


_Development chief alleys fears about activities of Estate Developer_

The Development Chief of Kpeve Tornu in the Afadzato South District of the Volta region, Humor Doga has called on residents who are worried about ongoing project by an estate developer, Blue Sparkle Kings City to remain calm as community elders have resolved to ensure that activity of the estate company would not affect existing infrastructures of the community as being suspected.Some residents of Kpeve Tornu have been concerned about an ongoing estate development which they say is located close to Ghana water company intake line and are therefore expressing fear that the project would in the near future encroached on the utility line which may adversely affect them.

But in a quick response to the growing concerns by the residence who have started engaging with the media, the Development chief of the community, Humor Doga noted elders of the community including other regulatory agencies had already engaged the estate developer on issues of a buffer from the utility lines and the river banks to ensure that the ongoing project does not negatively affect these resources the community depend on.

“These issues have long been decided on and we as elders will ensure the company strictly adhere to the laydown rules to ensure that both community members and the developer do not infringe on each other’s right” he said.

He observed that, “ some of the people who are still raising this concerns may make their reasons to want to stop the developer who is bring some development to the area to stop, but that can’t wash because nothing illegal is happening here.According to the Development chief, the estate developer, since the project started has been helping the community by connecting some poor homes to its mechanized water system and have also provided some homes with toilet facilities to tackle their sanitation issues.

Some homes he said, continue to depend on raw water from the river because they are unable to pay connection fee to connect to pipe borne water. The initiative by the company to support such homes he said will go a long way to prevent possible outbreak of waterborne diseases.

Meanwhile the Project Manager of the estate development company said the company has acquired all needed documents from regulatory agencies who are ensuring that the company work within the confines of the law and safety standards.

According to him the company has a long history of community development and would ensure that their operations does not affect the community.

As part of the development project in the area, the company is putting up some beautiful hotels along the river banks to make the community a place of attraction.


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