There are a lot of clients asking for female MC so I am encouraging women to go into it – Anita Erskine.


Anita Erskine, a well-known journalist and event host from Ghana, has urged more women to work as emcees.

She claimed that there is currently a significant need for female MCs in an interview with Kwame Dadzie on Joy FM’s Showbiz A-Z.

“I also encourage many women to pursue professions as emcees. These days, there are a lot of clients asking for female MCs”, she remarked.

Anita also gave emerging MCs advice on how to improve their skills by listening to criticism and addressing their faults.

She spoke briefly about the need to use humour when emceeing and advised MCs who aren’t naturally witty to refrain from delivering jokes while doing their duties.

Anita asserts that, despite the fact that humour might be useful for engagement, it is not a requirement for being an MC.

“If you don’t understand the joke and how it connects to the audience, I believe being humorous is overrated. So my first piece of advice is to not try to entertain too much”, she said.

Anita outlined the qualities of a successful event MC and noted that one must grasp what protocol means in terms of how to treat people, converse with them, excite them, reassure them, and start the event in a courteous and calm manner.

“As an MC, you have to be in control of yourself when you start an event in order to take control of the room,” she continued.

Anita Erskine manages her communications firm, Anita Erskine Media, and has organized numerous high-profile events both domestically and abroad.

By Boafo Regina Yaa Kyerewah||Ghana


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