Uncap GETFUND allocation – NUGS appeals to govt


The National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) is appealing to the government to uncap the GETFUND allocation arguing that it has the tendency to hamper the progress of education.

The group along with Africa Education Watch will also embark on a placard-holding protest in front of Parliament on March 16, and also petition Parliament to consider its request.

A statement issued and signed by NUGS’ Executives said, “the National Union of Ghana Students is organizing a PLACARD HOLDING PROTEST on Thursday, 16th March 2023, to protest the capping of GETFUND which denies the fund access to the GETFUND levy accrued. The leadership of NUGS shall proceed to submit a petition to the leadership of parliament on the same day at the end of the placard-holding protest. The aim of the action is to get parliament to uncap GETFUND to make funds available for education”.

NUGS wants the Ministry of Finance to stop implementing the GETFUND formula for this year “which will see only 39% of GETFUND levy allocated to the fund with the remaining 61% diverted into other areas”.

Read below NUGS’ full statement




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