Ungratefulness of some artists hinders growth of upcoming music talents – Deri 


By Simon Asare  
Accra, May 21, GNA – Rising Afrobeat and AfroHighlife musician Deri says the ungratefulness of some artists has led to minimal investment in upcoming music talents.

According to Deri, some artists who made their breakthroughs due to massive investments by record labels and some individuals became ungrateful after gaining the spotlight.

This, he said, had hindered the growth of some fine music talents who are struggling to make their way to the top due to a lack of investments.

“This trend of artists parting ways with management who assisted them to fame has led to little or no trust in upcoming talented musicians. Getting someone to invest in your music talent nowadays is not easy because the investors are scared of the artiste’s future actions,” he said.

Deri urged artists to be appreciative of the individuals who helped them showcase their talent to the world, as their inactions could affect the future of upcoming music talent.

When asked about his latest single, titled “Wishlist,” Deri said he was elated with the attention his new song was getting and looked to capitalise and make it a household hit.

Produced by Klasick Beatz, the new song has been expertly crafted to create a soothing and uplifting vibe, setting the tone for a romantic vibe. 


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