WATER to eradicate Yaws, Buruli Ulcer and Leprosy in two municipalities


By Naa Shormei Odonkor

Aburi (E/R), May 16, GNA – The Water in Africa Through Everyday Responsiveness (WATER) has introduced a Water, Sanitation and Health (WASH) project to eradicate or minimize cases of Yaws, Buruli Ulcer (BU) and Leprosy from the Akuapem North and South Municipalities.

The three neglected tropical diseases recorded in the municipalities were said to be the result of poor sanitation and water conditions available to the citizens as revealed in an investigative assessment conducted by WATER.

Mr Frank B Kumah, the Field Technical Officer for WATER said in a stakeholders engagement meeting at Aburi that a total of 48 communities, 13 from the Akuapem North and 35 from the Akuapem South municipalities were assessed.

He observed that from  2018 to 2022, the communities assessed in Akuapem North Municipality recorded 71 cases of Yaws, three cases of BU and two cases of leprosy.

Within the same period, Mr Kumah, said the communities studied in Akuapem South Municipality also recorded 73 cases of Yaws, 19 cases of BU and nine cases of Leprosy.

As a result, he said WATER in collaboration with Anesvadselected 16 communities from both municipalities, six from the Akuapem North and10 from the Akuapem South municipalities to benefit from the WASH project.

Mr Kumah said the project , would drill four boreholes; one mechanized borehole and three hand pumps, repair five broken boreholes and supply 140 ceramic water filters to households, schools and communities.

He added that to promote good sanitation and preventindiscriminate defecation, two public latrines would be built in the two municipalities, one in each municipality as captured in the project plan.

He said hand-washing facilities would be made available in schools within the selected communities to promote and educate learners on the need to wash their hands.

Mr Kumah, the provisions made in the project were to promote safe drinking water and ensure good sanitation and healthy living either to eradicate or minimize Yaws, BU and Leprosy cases in the selected communities. 

To also ensure proper maintenance of the project, he said Water and Sanitation (WATSAN) Committees would be established to oversee the projects implemented in the various communities.

Mr Michael Anyekase, the Project Manager of WATER, however, observed that some additions were made to the project to be implemented due to the needs of the communities.

He said one extra mechanized borehole, 10 additional broken boreholes to be repaired and a number of ceramic water filters have been proposed to be added to the project plan.

He appealed to Anesvad to provide more funds for the extra provisions made in the project to be implemented.

Water in Africa Through Everybody Responsiveness (WATER) is an organization which has been undertaking water, sanitation, disease control and climate change projects in Africa.



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