We’ll fight ‘galamseyers’ with bulletproof vest and weapons


The Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Samuel Abu Jinapor, has announced that the government will provide the necessary equipment to the staff of the Forestry Commission to combat illegal mining in forest reserves.

Mr. Jinapor stated that bulletproof vests and weapons will be provided to fight illegal miners, commonly known as ‘galamseyers,’ who have been causing destruction to water bodies.

While speaking at the commissioning of an office complex for the Forestry Commission in the Eastern Region, Abu Jinapor emphasized the need to protect the Atiwa forest and other forests, as well as combat activities that threaten the survival of forest reserves at Atiwa.

“Atiwa forest and various forests in the Eastern region are under attack from illegal miners, and galamseyers. Please rid these forest reserves of illegal miners and illegal loggers and other activities which threaten the survival of forest reserves in our country.

“You [Forestry Commission] have our full support, whether they are high people or low people, whether they are political leaders or not, your work is to make sure that all forest reserves in this country are protected. Government will provide bulletproof vests and other weapons to aid your work,” Lands and Natural Resources Minister, Samuel Abu Jinapor assured.

In recent times, illegal miners have been arrested for engaging in unlawful mining activities within various forest reserves in the country.


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